How Did We Get Here?

There was a cow in the middle of the road.

At least, I assumed it was a cow. Growing up around the ruby red heifers on my grandparents’ ranch in Moultrie, GA, I had never seen a beast like this.

The ghostly visage standing before us had hare-like ears that drooped long in front of the shoulder. The animal’s scarred, dirty torso was thin and bony, a neglected carcass that seemed incapable of movement. Its eyes were black and wide, showing no signs of thought, much less a soul.

And it was not afraid.

That is how our first visit to Costa Rica began in the summer of 2013. We had a month filled with adventures, challenges and fun.

Now we’re headed back for almost an entire year.

This website is our attempt to document our extended stay in Costa Rica, from crazy idea to the inevitable return home.

Temporary What Now?

Ticos are what the Costa Rican people call themselves. For the next eleven months, we’ll do our best to be “Temporary” Ticos, integrating ourselves with the people and landscape of this amazing country. Thanks for coming along.

– The Heidel Family

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