Camille’s List of Pros and Cons

camillespanishThis morning my mommy was teaching me some Spanish. She was teaching me how to conjugate verbs in Spanish. The whole reason she is teaching Spanish to me is we are going to costa rica for a year.


Yep, I am exited and super nervous and scared. Here are 4 reasons I am nervous and scared:

1: because it is a totally different country
2: because I can only take three stuffed animals and the others might try to get revenge on me
3: I will miss all of my friends.
4: a new school.

Here are 3 reasons I am excited:

1: they have really clean water
2: Our house has a pool
3: I can have a pet hermit crab.

9 thoughts on “Camille’s List of Pros and Cons

  1. Hi Camille! Your trip sounds very exciting! But I know how it feels to be nervous. When I was 11, my parents took me to Israel for a year. Like you, I didn’t want to leave my friends or my bedroom, and I didn’t know the language very well. But once I got there, the kids at school thought I was exotic because I was from Canada and they all wanted to be my friend! They were so nice to me. And I also got to see a whole new country and learn a different culture. When the year was over, I didn’t want to come home! Now it’s 40 years later and I’m STILL good friends with the girl I shared a desk with in Jerusalem and I’ve gone back to visit her many times. So don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll have an amazing adventure. They’ll all love you! And when you get scared or nervous, just remember that your terrific parents will be hugging you every step of the way. ¡Buen viaje! From Suzanne in Toronto

  2. You are to have a wonderful year in Costa Rico. What wonderful experiences you will have plus learning Spanish. Hermit crabs are great! I am sure your stuffed animals will understand you are limited in what you can take with you. Just make sure to give them lots of love before you go and when you come home love on them lots more!

  3. Camille,
    Thanks for sharing your list of pros and cons about Costa Rica. I can understand why you are nervous, but I think you will make some great new friends. And they will be very lucky to meet you. I feel like you are an ambassador from the USA to Costa Rica. While you will be learning about Costa Rica, you can share with your new friends about America. There will also be kids from other countries at your new school. Maybe you could keep a list of all the countries they come from and try to learn about each one. You will be able to write a GREAT report for your Social Studies class when you return to Savannah.

    I love you and will always keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. These are all such normal and wonderful feelings to have, Camille! Wonderful because you will feel so great to brave your way through them and accomplish such amazing memories and experiences. Very excited for you and your mom and dad! I love you and your writing!

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