Check. Check. Check.

The last few weeks have been a blur of checking things off our to-do lists.

Ginger and I doled out responsibilities to each other, bullet-points scattered throughout emails, text documents, spreadsheets and apps. Many of the tasks were medical in nature like seeing doctors, getting months of prescriptions filled and receiving typhoid vaccinations (I still have to do that one). The dog required a few items of his own, like certifying veterinarian records and securing his spot on the plane.

We still haven’t pared down the final items that will make it into suitcases. That will have to wait for a few more days.

Some of these jobs have been more stressful than others.


I sold my car. It was a car that I was more attached to before I bought it than after actually owning it for six years. The diesel-burning Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen was a fun ride, subsidized by President Obama’s efficiency trade-in program. But, it had its share of expensive-to-fix problems. We couldn’t justify paying taxes and insurance on two cars we weren’t going to drive for a year. Ginger’s new Honda CR-V is still beloved and well-maintained so it will be waiting for us when we return.


We packed up the house. It was a team effort with parents and siblings jumping in along the way. Camille was away for the weekend that we packed her playroom and bedroom. When she came in, she sprawled onto the floor, devoid of all her precious stuffies and plastic treasures and had a small sob.

Leaving your toys behind is stressful, you guys.

I held her and we had a good talk about the idiom “home is where the heart is” and not necessarily where your possessions are. She understood but still didn’t like it.


The movers came. It took twice as long as we budgeted, but the two men that moved most of our earthly possessions into storage did a nice job, stacking dozens of boxes, furniture and odd-shaped whatnots into an eight foot tall Jenga tower with plenty of floor space to spare. Our families did a bang-up job helping us prep for the big day and it went very smoothly.

The renters have moved in. We relinquished keys a day ahead of schedule after a fresh deep cleaning. I’m constantly fighting the urge to drive by and see strange cars parked in the driveway and wonder what’s going on behind the curtains.


Most importantly, we’ve been spending lots of time with friends and family.

We’ve built up an amazing support system in Savannah and we’re going to miss every person that makes our days brighter, more fun and more interesting. We’ve shared pool dates with cousins and neighborhood pals, a Girl Scouts visit to Legoland and too many sleepovers and play dates to count.

Withdrawing Camille from school was one of the hardest tasks on our list. Getting her into that school was a big coup for us and it’s been a perfect fit. But the difficulty in saying goodbye is mainly because of the close bonds formed with her teachers, schoolmates and their families. We’re truly lucky to belong to a community of smart, loving, giving individuals that will hopefully be lifelong friends.

There’s plenty more to do but I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, I don’t know if that light is the result of parting clouds or the signal from an oncoming train. Only twelve days to go!

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  1. Stressful yes, but an exciting adventure. I look forward to following along through your posts. Wishing you so much success. No doubt you’ll all wow your new community.

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