The Final Week of Final Things

The week preceding our flight to Costa Rica has been hard. Harder than I expected and harder in ways I didn’t anticipate.

I knew that the last few intimate get-togethers would be difficult. Choking back tears while eating dinner at a low country salt marsh restaurant with besties. Refusing to  look friends in the eye during goodbyes following a late night watching our girls run around playing Star Wars. Reveling in the brief, tight hugs from little nephews and long, sniffly ones from my mother and sister.

Beyond those expected heartaches, I found my emotions pulled when it came to a few other “final things.”

The final morning run in Savannah – Our town is stunningly gorgeous and ideal for runners. Wide streets are placed on a perfect grid and gifted with the shade from oak trees, dreamily drenched in Spanish moss. I’m going to miss those regular routes and familiar sites when I’m adjusting to running treacherous trails in Costa Rica, even if the locals call them roads.

The final day in the office – While we don’t need a separate office for our jobs, I prefer working in a more professional atmosphere, free of the typical home distractions. I didn’t even particularly like our last office and never felt truly settled in; but I still felt melancholy as we packed up the boxes and furniture and moved them into storage.

The final beer run – Even more painful than the last Brew / Drink / Run podcast sessions was the last time setting foot in our neighborhood bottle shop. The Costa Rica craft beer scene is still in its infancy, and it’s going to be awhile before I have access to the quality and diversity that is so easy to come by in the States.

The final morning breakfast at mom’s – We’ve taken advantage of my mother’s hospitality over the last two weeks in between our renters moving in and our impending flight. She’s been a perfect host and we’ve gotten along marvelously. One of my favorite activities is the daily gathering around the breakfast table and our send off meal was biscuits and gravy, smothered in extra love and good wishes.

With all of the talk of final get-togethers and final meals and final random things over the past week, it’s been important to remember that they aren’t really “final” things. They’re simply the last times for right now.

As our “final” day in the US draws to a close, I’m looking forward to lots of new “first” times in the days ahead of us.

3 thoughts on “The Final Week of Final Things

  1. Lots of prayers, hugs and love will go with you. You took the leap of faith, now use the wings God gave you.

  2. Lee and Ginger , I don’t know if you knew or not but Tiffsny and her Husband Steve moved to London when they had only been married 2months they were to stay 2years but they loved it so much they stayed 3yrs !!! Lord knows it was so hard as we missed them so much ! But they had the most Amazing time and were lucky enough to travel to so many countries from there !! My wish for your little family is to enjoy every minute!! Travel when you can and have your Big Adventure!!! Love Yall Hugs ????. And please post pictures when you can !!

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