Camille’s First Week in Costa Rica


Ok, we are in Costa Rica and it is cool.

The first thing I did after we were shown how to work everything at the house, me and mom took off our clothes and jumped in the pool.

A few days later we went to my new school Del Mar Academy and met the headmaster and looked around.


Then a few days after that we went horseback riding. That was really fun.





When we went to Del Mar there was a playground and I fell and scraped my arm. So me and my mom went to the Farmacia (pharmacy) and got a bandage.




The day we went horseback riding we also got my hermit crabs Carlos and Caleb.



My mom sent out a message on Facebook asking if anyone in Costa Rica had a child that could play with me. I got a couple of requests but my favorite was from a girl named Mason who’s gonna be here in September. Hi, Mason!

Me and my dad have been doing a lot of watercolor. I did one of a resplendent quetzal, one of a dragonfly, and one of flowers.


This morning me and mom were making breakfast we heard Chance our dog eating something. IT. WAS. A. SCORPION!!!!!!!!!!!! and he had stung Chance.


I don’t have anything else to talk abut right now, so Pura Vida.

12 thoughts on “Camille’s First Week in Costa Rica

  1. I love your writing! You take after your Mom, Dad and Granddaddy. I miss you, but am so glad you are having a good time.

  2. Camille I loved your post. I am glad that you have a new friend arriving soon. Your Nana is my cousin. That makes me your third cousin. Your mom is my second cousin. I am looking forward to your future posts. Have fun on the beaches. They look beautiful.

  3. Camille,
    Those are quite some different experiences. Thanks for sharing with all of us back here in the States. I enjoyed our short visit in St. Simons. I know Jordan did too. Maybe we can do it again in a year or so & your Mom can come too – Girl’s Trip. Maybe we can find a bigger house, so we can all stay together!

  4. Camille–I am a friend of your Nana’s. I used to live in Panama, the country south of Costa Rica. I used to vacation in Costa Rica and it is my most favorite country in the whole world! I was a school principal and every day students had to look in their desks and make sure there were no scorpions or tarantulas. Sometimes there would be one but no one ever got stung or bitten at school. You are going to have some amazing adventures.

  5. Camille, I enjoyed reading about your first week in Costa Rica. I know you and your parents are going to have many wonderful adventures. It will be so exciting to go to a new school and learn many new things. I am a friend of your grandparents, Pat & Gene. I know they are proud of you! Have lots of fun and make many memories. Cheryl Luckie

  6. Camille, I am a friend of your Nana and Grandpa. I knew your mom and your uncle when they were children. I know you have to be a very special, talented little girl because you come from such a wonderful family. I loved your pictures and hearing about your life in Costa Rica. I hope you will continue writing and sending pictures. Betty Craig

  7. How very exciting to read about your first week of Temporary Tico’ing! Thanks for sharing with all of us back home. Can’t wait to hear what happens next! 🙂

  8. My dear sweet girl. I’m so glad to read about your Costa Rican adventures. I know you will really enjoy being there. I can’t wait till you start school and learn so many new things. I’m glad you are there but I miss you terribly. I can’t wait until you come home for a visit a Christmas time. I love you a lot.

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