RIP Carlos, Playdates, Monkeys and Sloths

Hi, this is me Camille and I am going to tell you about what we have done.

My hermit crab cage was starting to stink so we brought it outside a couple days later we found my favorite hermit crab Carlos out of his shell and dead. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ but Caleb was still alive. We decided to let caleb go and we got new crabs Charles Xavier and Magneto (from x-men).

I have had 2 playdates now and I will tell you about them. The first one I played with a couple of different families from my new school. We hiked up to a waterfall and jumped of a tiny ledge sticking out of the side. My second playdate was with a girl named Acacia. We were both very shy at first but now we’re BFFs .

Mom and Dad also taught me how to Photoshop. Here are the pictures I did:

I also did two PowerPoints, one on monkeys and one on sloths here are the PowerPoints:

Speaking of monkeys we went to a monkey rescue place and I got to touch a baby! My favorite monkey though was the one who didn’t have very many teeth so it didn’t hurt when he bit you.

See you later.

2 thoughts on “RIP Carlos, Playdates, Monkeys and Sloths

  1. Dear Camille. We were sorry to hear about your hermit crab. My two boys had hermit crabs and we never had much luck with them. hope you do better with your two new ones.

    How is Chance doing? Is he adjusting to his new home?

    We’re glad you are making friends and that you got to touch a baby monkey. How special is that!!!

    Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure. Your time in Costa Rica is going to fly!

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