Starting School, Making Friends


Hi. So I’ve had my first day of school and everyone is very nice. I made friends with a girl from Sweden, a girl from Idaho, a girl from San Jose’ and a girl from Nicoya. Here are their names: Agnes, Bella, Raquel, and Camila.

The second day of school was ok we had our reading class in Spanish.

Yesterday me, Agnes and Bella went to the same waterfall I went to before. We had lots of fun. After that we had a playdate at my house and swam in the pool.



Before I went to school we went to the library. It is awesome. For my Spanish book I got Goodnight Moon (Buenos Noches Luna) and for my english book I got Eragon.


Peace Out.

4 thoughts on “Starting School, Making Friends

  1. So glad your first days of school have started off good. Hope you have a wonderful year. I can’t wait to hear more about your school days and big adventures!!!! Especially glad you are making new friends!!! See you later sweet girl!!! ?

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