Because Every Adventure Needs a Theme Song

One evening, when we were still in Savannah trying to decide if we should come to Costa Rica, Lee played a song for me.

I remember we were standing in our dining room. The song sounded like fun, silly kid’s music, with a guitar happily strumming and the singer whistling part of the tune.

“Have you ever been down to Costa Rica / All the monkeys down there dance cheek to cheek-ah…”

It brought a smile to my face – at first. But as the song continued, the tale turned from one of dancing monkeys to a more somber reality.

“Have you even been down where the roads are rough / If you get a flat tire it’s kind of tough / If your Spanish never got quite good enough / To ask where to get a spare tire and stuff…”

By the third verse, my pulse was actually racing. He’d nailed one of my biggest sources of anxiety.

“Have you been way down where the stingrays play / You better shuffle through the water so you scare them away / Because the hospital is like 5 hours away / In a big crazy town called San Jose…”

I’m used to living in a city with three hospitals, and we were contemplating a move to a city with exactly zero hospitals. We have an ex-pat insurance policy that includes medical evacuation, and I know TWO people since we’ve arrived who’ve been flown to San Jose on a private plane for medical care. It happens.

But you know what? They didn’t die. They said the hospital in San Jose was fantastic. We may not have a hospital here, but we have several doctors. And if you need one after hours, they advertise their cell numbers so you ring one up. And if we do have an emergency? I can see the airstrip from my back porch.

Tonight I spotted the Costa Rica song on Camille’s Spotify playlist, and we listened to it. We were gathered in the dining room again, but this time in Costa Rica. And this time, the third verse made me laugh.

And I wanted to share it, because if you don’t let it scare you, it’s a pretty funny song. There’s no official video available, but you can hear the song in the video below. Pura Vida! Enjoy!

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