Biking Through Nosara

For the most part, I feel that we’ve adjusted fairly well to a one-car lifestyle. It helps that we don’t have to commute to the office every day and that I would prefer to be at home, staring off at the horizon than competing with Ginger for trips to the supermarket or other exotic locales.

Costa Rica Bike

We did take the plunge and buy a mountain bike, sourced from the Nosara Classifieds Facebook group. Like most things that have seen more than a few of seasons in Costa Rica, it has some oddities and needs its share of maintenance. But all in all, it’s nice to have a backup set of wheels for emergency transportation or, more often, alternative exercise.

Below is a video shot with Camille’s new GoPro camera with a time-lapse 7 mile tour from our house to the town of Nosara and back again. Hold on to your lunch and enjoy.

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