When Boo and Auntie came to Costa Rica for a visit we rented quads. It was fun but scary. I had only done it once so far – when Mom picked me up from school one day and I loved it! This was Auntie’s, Boo’s and Daddy’s first time riding quads.

We rented 3 quads. Mom drove one with me in the back, Dad drove one with Boo in the back and Auntie drove by herself. We stopped at lots of places including the Super Nosara, the local town and Playa Pelada one of our favorite beaches where we had a picnic lunch.

After that we drove to a straight place in the road and guess what? Mom let me drive! It was sooooo fun but also really scary. After I drove we went to The Black Sheep Pub and got drinks it was soooooooo hot and sooooooo windy.

Here’s a video and you can see me drive at the end!

After that we got home, took showers, ate dinner and then went to bed. I had such a great day that day and I really enjoyed their stay! Hi Boo and Auntie!!!!


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