Nosara at Night

The dry season is almost at an end.

After four months of nearly zero precipitation, chalky sand covering every last slice of green in the forest and periodic waves of unrelenting heat, the cleansing Costa Rica rains are slowly returning.

Accompanying the earthy smells and familiar humidity of the green season are the clouds. The puffy striations in the sky enable triumphant sunsets and the occasional hiding spot for the blinding sun. But they have a downside as well.

Early on in the dry season, I stumbled outside late at night, trying to catch a breeze on the patio by the pool. Thanks to a new moon, the stars were sharp, stark against their black field. The lack of light pollution meant that the stars were so bright I could even see space dust, the particles of galaxies, millions of miles away. There were no clouds – only stars, planets and the remnants of creation.

Ginger - Nosara at Night

I spent the next few nights experimenting with photographing those bodies. I borrowed a tripod and got to work, lengthening exposure times and learning the manual tricks of the art.

I’m happy for the green season to be back. But I’m going to miss these crystal clear Nosara nights.

Costa Rica Night

Costa Rica Night over the garden

Camille - Night in Nosara

Long Exposure Night Photography

Moon over Nosara

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