The Love You Take

We packed our bags. We said our goodbyes. We went back home.

It’s been six months since we returned from our year in Costa Rica. So many blog posts were started and scrapped. It’s impossible to put these feelings into words, but it’s past time I tried.

Moving to Costa Rica was an adventure. The excitement of the unknown fueled us month after month. The friends that we made became our family. The beaches, jungles and pura vida, the routine. Life could be difficult, but it was good.

Before we left, we made time to visit Playa Azul and the house and beach where this crazy dream started in the first place. Camille remembered it all. She fell right back into body surfing the giant waves and playing “pioneer” among the cliffs jutting out from the coarse black sand. It was a sweet, private bookend to our journey.

Setting up her pioneer trading post


Beautiful Playa Azul

Those weeks leading up to our departure were barely more than a slow sequence of goodbyes. The last time we’d eat at our favorite restaurants. The last day of school. The last jam session playing music on the porch. The last volunteer day at Sibu Sanctuary. The last time we’d coast down our driveway in the Subarojo.

Camille performing “Imagine” at the last day of school


Those crazy monkeys at Sibu

Those crazy monkeys at Sibu


Jam session at the Mid Summer Party

The personal goodbyes were the hardest. With love and longing, we hugged necks, kissed cheeks and promised to stay in touch. From Jerry the house manager to Camille’s new best friends from Europe and beyond, every embrace was deep and full.

With Chiara at Playa Pelada

Snuggles with Amara

One last ride on the whale with Elodie and Elsa

Much love for Agnes and Bella

As we’ve settled back in to live in the United States, there have been plenty of challenges. We have a new house, a new pet and new schedules. But Costa Rica still calls, its song as sweet and strong as ever. Our year in its care wasn’t always easy. But the richness of our time spent living among the ocean, jungles, animals and those amazing people will be the standard for the rest of my life.

Siempre pura vida

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed following the blog and glad to finally get an update. I’ll look forward to (hopefully) reading an update from Ginger as well. You’ve both been an inspiration. Thank for sharing your journey!

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