About Us

Poas Volcano, Costa Rica

Ginger, Camille and Lee at Poas Volcano, July 2013

Travel is an important part of our lives. Instead of filling up our retirement and savings accounts, we’re choosing to spend that money and time now, while we’re healthy and relatively young, on new experiences. Sharing those experiences with our daughter is the greatest gift we can give to her.

In 2013, we spent a month based in San Juanillo, on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. From our house on the cliffs, we plotted weekly excursions to visit active volcanoes, bustling city centers, a sloth sanctuary and numerous nature preserves. It changed our lives.

With some first-hand knowledge of the area and a few months of planning, we’re going back to spend almost an entire year in 2015-6.

Ginger and Lee own a website development business in Savannah, GA. Their daughter Camille is in the fourth grade and is a lover of science, math, comic books, animals of all shapes and sizes (both real and Pokemon) and Star Wars.